Aravalli Arrivals I | Mayo College, Ajmer

Straddling within its distinctive corridors a theatrical heritage and weighty legacy, Mayo College in Ajmer still stands mighty as one of India’s oldest and most strikingly constructed boarding schools. For boys, that is.

These photographs were taken on a recent official visit to the school. The student head of the event was kind enough to show us around the humongous spread of Mayo College – from the dramatically curated pieces in the Jhalawar Museum (inside the school campus) to the purportedly haunted block in the school infirmary, which now lies unused.

Bearing a vibrant royal legacy of housing children from the princely families of local principalities during the British era, Mayo College is nothing short of an architectural microcosm of Rajasthan’s colonial-royal past.

A local taxi driver proudly declared to us that Mayo College is the real pride of the city of Ajmer – it is what makes the city so famous. He also told us that Yo Yo Honey Singh’s son studies in the school. I think I was way too fatigued to believe any of his word.

This series, done entirely on a Google Moto X cellphone, is a surrealistic exploration of Mayo’s ambient and architectural legacy that floats like a defiant cloud over the entire school compound.

Photographs taken on a Google Moto X mobile phone, and processed in Adobe Lightroom.

Mayo College | City of Ajmer | Rajasthan, India | October 2015

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